Saturday, July 4, 2009

#20: Play bocce-ball

So, my original list mentioned glow in the dark bocce-ball. I have yet to be able to track down a set of glow in the dark bocce. Due to this, my completion of this item on the list is playing regular bocce. I have to admit, I am not very good...actually, I am quite awful. I lost terribly, but it's still fun!

#13: Spend a day in the mountains!

Last weekend, the Cole family, minus Bryan made our way up to Copper Mountain for a great weekend of relaxing, hiking, sleeping, and fishing. We were up there for 3 days. Here are a couple fotitos from the weekend:

Once we got up hiking, there was a lot of snow. There was a whole ski run covered in a about 6 feet of snow. Here we are surprised at how much there was at the end of June.
We went on these beautiful walking paths. It was a bit chilly this day, but still a beautiful Rocky mountain afternoon. Check out those lovely mountains! :) often I love living in Colorado.

#9: Picnic in the Park

Sadly, I don't have a picture of this one. Yesterday, July 3rd I arrived to the Springs about 11:30 am. The moment I walked in my folks house, we decided to go out and enjoy a nice picnic at the park. We went up to this place called Fox Run, and had a enjoyable afternoon as a family. It was great!