Thursday, April 24, 2008


All I have to say is "Thank God is almost Friday!"

21 days left of school....wahoo, the countdown is definitely on for now:)
Shout out to Neil and Laura Gowan, who just had their baby girl, Sally Jane. Love you guys!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Rough day

I am saddened sometimes by some of the kids in my class, one in particular. He is a little fellow with no support at home who wasn't able to read until 3 months ago, has never succeeded in school, and knows more than any second grader should ever know. He just breaks my heart. Today was especially one of those days when my heart about cracked open. He had a really rough day, Monday's are normally hard, but today especially. He came in this morning talking about his karate tournament and the WWE (which is nothing new). As the day progressed he managed to get himself to strike 5 (3 is a big deal), so this is over the top. I walked over to him to have a "chat" about his behavior. He looked at me and said, "Miss Cole, why do you even care about me?" I just about lost it. This child has never had anyone believe in him or inspire him or want him to succeed. The success he has made this year is tremendous and I am in shock, however, on days like today I feel like a failure. If you would, please keep this little one in your prayers...he's the kid that all the teachers say will be in a juvenile deliquent center by the time he's 13. I pray this is not so. I want him to succeed so bad, and can't wait to see what he does in the future. I must admit I am excited to have him again next year...hopefully, we can break through the tough guy exterior.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


-Today I woke up to 79 degree weather in the city of mile-high. Pure bliss if you ask me. I spent the majority of my morning watching one of my students play in a little league game. It was so enjoyable just being outside and sitting in the sun....even though I got a little burned.

-5 weeks left of school and counting. It is truly amazing to think I am almost done with my first year of teaching...I must admit that I am ready to have that one under my belt. They always say "firsts" are the hardest and this year's definitely been a challenge.

-I officially passed my Praxis II so I am officially Colorado Certified to teach K-6. This is an answer to prayer because this means I will get to move up with my kids and join them as one of their 3rd grade teachers next year.

-Less than 2 months until we go to Sierra Leone. I get my last 2 shots on Thursday, all my money is in, and I find myself more ecstatic than ever. I even got online and looked at the weather in Sierra Leone today....89, wishing I were there already.

-I am finally feeling "settled" in the Denver metro area, even though I will be moving again. I have loved the city and the people I have met through my experiences here. I am looking forward to what the next year will bring.

-Having spring here has changed my perspective on life in many ways! I have a renewed spirit and joy towards life. Here's to the next couple months of beautiful weather.

On a final note, I have decided yet once again to try and be a better blogger...we will see how it goes! Hopefully as you find yourself checking up on my blog, you will see new posts:) I hope you all have a great Saturday and know you are truly loved and blessed....ciao!