Saturday, September 22, 2007

They light up my life...

Here is a picture of my kiddos that just makes me smile:) Thought I'd share it! Meet Alberto, Margarita, and Dany who are showing off their projects they made last week!
Aren'ts they just incredibly beautiful?

Friday, September 21, 2007

Today has been one of those days that is just plain fun! Whoever said that school isn't fun was completely WRONG. My co-teacher, Amber and I had an enjoyable day with our kids of laughing and fun, yet of course very educational, activities.

One of my students, Alberto asked me the other day, "Miss. Cole, how much do you like your life?" It really got me thinking. I have come to the conclusion that I absolutely LOVE my life right now. I am surrounded by 24 incredible kids every day and I feel incredibly blessed by the fact that I actually like going to work. I am involved in a new Beth Moore Bible Study which is stretching and encouraging me. I am slowly making friends in the Denver area and feeling more and more encouraged daily. So my answer to Alberto was this, "I love my life, and you wanna know why?" I guess it ultimately comes down to getting to spend 40+ hours a week with 24 amazing 7-year olds and being surrounded by incredibly amazing Christian professionals...this transition is slowly becoming a bit easier:)

Saturday, September 8, 2007

I've decided to live a big kids life and create a blog. I figure I have friends and family on four different continents and what a better way to keep in contact...right?

Right now I find myself seeking, searching, and trying to figure out what I want for my life. My dear friend Sarah and I were talking last night about how we are struggling with such heartache for some of our co-workers. Some of them show such interest in Christianity and we are yearning to find the balance of ministering and loving them without being judgemental about the such differing lifestyles they live. I find myself praying daily that the Lord would outpour and shine through me so they may see something different. Join me in prayer for these!

I am stuck in a new world, a new job, and a new everything without much of a spiritual support system. I am trying to find a church that I can get involved in, but it is a lot harder than I thought it would be. the search continues.

Today my day is filled with packing and moving (helping a friend), writing lesson plans, and cutting out a matching game for my second graders to play on monday dealing with the geographical features and terms. As I sign off, I hope you are all incredibly blessed today!