Sunday, March 7, 2010

Girls weekend....Heck yes!

So Sauniers, Suse, Nicole, and I have been talking about a girls weekend for a while, well it rather turned into a girls day. However, it was quite wonderful. We started our Saturday off by enjoying a meal at the S.A.M.E. cafe. It's this place where you pay what you can to eat or donate an hour of service time. Very cool!

We then ventured out to City Park since it was a beautiful 50 degrees. We walked around for a good hour just enjoying being outside and catching up on life. Next, we proceeded to Massage Envy for hour long massages. Amazing...that is all I have to say. If you have never gotten a massage before, it's worth spending the money. After our massages, Sarah and I decided we really wanted 2 things and we wanted them together...a hot tub soak and coffee. Since we figured 24 hour fitness would not allow us in with our Starbux cups, Sauniers had the brilliant idea of bringing nalgenes and taking them in with our coffee. It was pure bliss! WONDERFUL. So, I raise my glass to girls weekends, wonderful friends, sunny weather, and massages.

Me with my coffee...

Sauniers pouring into her nalgene...mad skills, mad skills

Enjoying the hot tub and our coffee at the same time...AHHH!

And to end this lovely, long post...I decided to die my hair last night. Was just feeling something different, so here ya go:)


Suz said...

You are beautiful!!

Jenn said...

love the hair!